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This is a guide that summarizes all the Spanish tenses that you will want to learn, in order to speak Spanish. I know a lot of students hate grammar, but it doesn’t need to be that difficult. With some organization, dedication, and attention, you will get the handle of it. This guide is for people who want to really learn the language, not just get by during a short trip. 

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All the tenses are displayed in a way that is easy to understand, starting from the easiest tense, all the way to the hardest. So what you need to do is dedicate some time to each tense.

If you are just beginning with Spanish, the first thing you need to learn is the Personal Pronouns. Then you need to study the verb -To Be-, which is the most important verb, and it’s actually 2 verbs in Spanish: Ser and Estar. The differences between those 2 verbs will be explained in a different blog post. After that, you will need to learn the verb Haber which will be used very often, just like in English the verb -To Have- is used as an auxiliary verb. (I have walked, you have talked, etc)

For the rest of the tenses, I briefly explain When to use them and How to use them. But remember, this is a summary of the tenses, not an explanation for each one. The idea is that you use this guide when you already have an idea of how the tense works, but you are struggling with the uses and conjugations. For each tense I give you an equivalent in English, which should make your life way easier.

Then, just follow the rules for each tense. Use different verbs (that is regular verbs, for irregulars, it’s a different story) and create your own sentences. If you have doubts, send me your sentences and I’ll review them.

Also, when you are reading, keep this guide with you to help you identify the tenses of the sentences and understand how they interact. Without noticing, your brain will start creating a pattern and it will be easier for you to remember the tenses and how to use them.

That would be it. I hope you find it very useful. I have one like this for French for myself and it has been very helpful!

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