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California, USA

I have been working with Joey for over a year. He knew some Spanish at the beginning, so we learned new things together and we have practiced a lot of conversation. Nowadays he is really good! He can speak about many different subjects, at a very high level (even when sometimes he doesn’t believe it).

“I have had the pleasure of being educated by Mafe since the beginning stages of my experience with Spanish. I’m now running out of ways to thank her for the value and influence she has contributed to my language studies and frame of mind. Within minutes of our first lesson I knew that I had found the right teacher and more importantly the right person. After one year of study my only regret is that I did not schedule more classes with her. The distinct difference between Mafe and the other instructors I worked with is that she cares. Her passion for life, language and learning is infectious and she has inspired me to be a more complete person by thinking big and sharing her love of knowledge and adventure. She possesses the uncommon qualities of sincerity and patience which create a very warm and safe learning environment that has allowed me to embrace my mistakes and progress comfortably with my language goals. She has been a gift to me and I remain excited for our lessons every single week. Any student of language would be truly fortunate to learn under Mafe. – Grateful student from California”




Janka is very smart and gentle, our lessons were very enjoyable. We would see something new at the beginning of each lesson, and then practiced how to use it. This is what she had to say after one of our lessons.

“I really liked the lesson. Mafe is kind and funny and very patient. Today I learnt the conjugation of verbs which end in -AR and I had to make up some sentences which helped me to review what I already know and I learnt some new words as well. Thank you and see you next week !”




Elias is very dedicated, he understands the concepts very easy and had a great attitud towards lerning. At first he was shy and was nervous about making mistakes, but with time he gained a great deal of confidance!

“I think I improved my vocabulary and understanding of some grammar that makes up sentence structure, and my confidence in speaking, listening and responding, which is a major challenge for me. I learnt that making mistakes is part of the journey. I always feared when speaking with a native speaker that I would sound and look foolish, but your patience and kindness helped me relax and overcome that (even though I might not have always looked that way!).The lessons were engaging and called upon me to help create the activities with you – the translation, telling of stories in Spanish (e.g. holiday experiences, descriptions of my family). Some tasks were daunting, but helped me learn and use skills that I could apply in real life. The lessons were focused and helped reinforce understanding of concepts before moving on to another task. You also progressed through the lessons at an ideal pace – not too slow [boring] for both you and student and not too fast [overwhelming]. It helps that you speak perfect English because often I wouldn’t understand something.Your lessons are great and you are a natural teacher You’re very friendly, passionate kind and patient and care about helping people learn in the best way. I’m grateful for the lessons and believe you will only create even better lessons in the future.”



Colorado, USA

Cynthia is the mom of one of my first students, how cool is that? She makes the effort to wake up one hour earlier before work, and is doing a great job each lesson.

“I enjoyed working with Mafe. She spoke slowly so I could understand her. She tried hard to understand me and was patient with all my mistakes and didn’t make me feel stupid. I like how she typed out things so I could see as well as hear. I’m looking forward to more sessions with Mafe.”



New York, USA

Brian was learning Spanish for a trip to Argentina, after our first lesson he gained more confidence.

“I was very nervous because this was my first session but Mafe was excellent and put me at ease quickly”




I worked with Carl-Emil before his trip to South America. It was great because we were able to practice many things that he needed before the big trip, I was able to help him with Spanish, but also with some travel advice and cultural tips 🙂

“As a pre-intermediate spanish student at best, i was worried that the teacher wouldn’t understand me due to my limited grammatical skills, my weird Danish accent or for some other reason. However, already after my first class with Mafe i felt comfortable talking to her since she had no trouble understanding me, and kept a relaxed, but serious teaching style.The lessons were fun and made me feel more confident speaking spanish in general. They helped me improve my conversational skills as well as my grammar, and understanding someone whos’ native tongue is spanish. The structure of Mafes’ classes was great, and seemed to provide everything i needed to improve. We would usually start by talking about what we had been doing since the last class and then we would do grammatical exercises. Another great thing was that if i had time to study more between the classes, Mafe would always give me homework so i knew how to continue my studies.I would sincerely recommend the lessons and tell that it is the best, and in the end, the most economical way to learn spanish.”



Arizona, USA

Vicky is an English teacher who has been trying to learn Spanish for a few years now. When we first met she was very frustrated, because she couldn’t see any improvement. But after a few sessions we discovered she only needed some direction and to focus on one thing at a time. Now she is doing a great job, and most importantly, she has gained back his motivation.

“My main concern was that the teacher would think I was really “low.”, But the lessons have helped me because they have helped me set goals to achieve.I like that Mafe can answer all my questions and guide me on the right “path” to be fluent so I will not struggle. Mafe knows how to help you learn Spanish so you will be more motivated.”



New Jersey, USA

Jessica is awesome! she get’s up at 5am for her lesson. Everytime I talk to her I can see how much more confident she is becoming.

“I was afraid that maybe I would struggle with understanding a native Spanish speaker, but Mafe speaks very clearly and can sense when I am struggling to understand and will clarify. Mafe has helped me build confidence in speaking. Even though I make many mistakes, Mafe is patient and kind in the way she corrects me. I am then aware of the mistake so that I won’t make the same mistake over and over.I was afraid that the lessons would be focused on a lot of grammar. I was more interested in practicing having Spanish conversations. I learn new vocabulary and also gain clarity in the language naturally throughout our conversation practice. So I learn a lot while also building confidence is speaking the Spanish language. Mafe’s conversation lessons are fun. The time flies by. When I am finished with the lesson, I feel excited about Spanish. I feel like my Spanish learning process is headed in the right direction when I work with Mafe.”




Ahmed wanted to practice conversation, because his Spanish was already very good. So we focused our lesson in talking about many different subjects and correcting the ocassional mistake.

“Fue una conversacion divertida y interesante en la que hablamos de temas diversos como la naturaleza, las diferencias entre argentina y colombia y muchas otras cosas. Mafe es una profesora muy amable. Muchas gracias!”



Chicago, USA

I talk to Mitchel once a week. His Spanish is great, so we just practice conversation and correct mistakes. He is very smart and knowledgeable about many different things, so we always have interesting conversations about politics, actuality, history etc.

“I expanded my general knowlege of Colombian Spanish, thinking and speaking to a near fluent level in Spanish. Mafe is bilingual and can immidiently translate or utilize the right Spanish word. If you want to learn Spanish that is easily comprehensible, fluid, and a Colombian flavor then I highly recommend Mafe.”



Washington, USA

When Amy was preparing his trip to Cuba, we had some lessons to polish some basic Spanish for traveling. After one of our lessons she left this nice little message 🙂

“Gracias, Mafe, por tu paciencia y por corregir todos mis errores! Sé que hay muchos! Si usted está estudiando español y buscando un profesor, Mafe es la mejor maestra!”




Anders was a bit nervous, but after a few minutes he relaxed and was able to use all the Spanish he already knows.

“Mafe is a wonderful teacher. It was my first time speaking on Skype in my target language. Mafe was incredibly patient with me and helped me learn a lot in 30 minutes. She was very kind and attentive – her session was challenging but in a really positive way and it inspired me to learn and practice more in the future. I’m very grateful to her and can highly recommend her to any other students.”



London, UK

Barron has a very good level, so we spent our time talking about different subjects and correcting mistakes.

“Delightful personality. Engaging conversation. Punctual. We spoke about daily conversational topics. Adjustments to my Spanish were made with explanations. This was our first lesson. I felt good about it and left feeling very positive.”



Calgary, CANADA

They were living in Medellin by the time we were studying Spanish, so they were able to apply right away everything that we learned in the lesson.

“Mafe is a great teacher and can help you with any language challenge you are having. From Beginner to Advanced. My wife and I practice with her and although we are at vastly different levels, Mafe teaches us awesomely. Thanks Mafe!”



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