Hola! I am Mafe (like cafe) and I am here to help you speak Spanish like a native.

I am from Bogotá, Colombia, which means that I have a neutral accent that is very easy to understand. I also speak English, so if you don’t understand much Spanish yet, don’t worry about it! I’ll explain the concept first in English and then I’ll give you examples and activities in Spanish.
I will help you to start creating your first sentences in Spanish. You will be amazed by how much you will be able to say with just a few new words.

If your Spanish is more advanced, we will have lots of conversations about different subjects and I will correct your mistakes and help you improve.

Don’t feel bad when you make mistakes during the lesson. My job is to guide you all the way to fluency, and making mistakes is part of the road.



It’s pretty easy!

  1. Send me a message right now to schedule your FREE TRIAL SESSION. Tell me your level and your availability.
  2. I’ll get back to you with my available schedule. I try to cover as many time zones as possible. We will schedule a 30-minute FREE TRIAL SESSION to check your level and your expectations.
  3. Once we set an appointment, you add me on Skype and I’ll meet you online at the time agreed for your FREE TRIAL SESSION. Please show up!
  4. If you are happy with your FREE TRIAL SESSION, you can buy your next sessions by clicking the PayPal button on the right (or the bottom if you are in your phone). You can save some money if you buy a package. Paying with PayPal, you are completely protected against fraud.
  5. The lessons are specially designed to match your level. Your learning process is going to be very active instead of passive. This means that for every subject that I teach you, I’ll help you to produce your own sentences and use them in real-life situations; that way, you learn how to think in Spanish.

If your main goal is to practice conversation, I will give you different topics to talk about during the lessons. I will correct your mistakes and help you improve and sound more natural. I will tell you the way we natives actually speak.


  • Know nothing about Spanish but are ready to commit to learn, or…
  • Know some Spanish and would like to practice more
  • Feel shy about speaking Spanish
  • Need to learn Spanish for work or traveling
  • Want to learn Spanish for pleasure
  • Prefer to have a one-on-one lesson, instead of sitting in a classroom and barely getting any real practice


I am a Colombian girl who loves to travel. I have lived in Boston, San Francisco, Buenos Aires and I am currently living in Brussels, but that can change at any moment.

I got a BS in Engineering a few years ago, but I never really liked it. Instead, I love languages so I decided to focus on them. I teach them and learn them.

I taught myself English, and I am teaching myself French and Russian. This means that I understand exactly what a student is feeling while learning a new language, and I know exactly what they need in order to progress. That’s how I have created a teaching style that has helped 60+ students around the world to speak Spanish.


  • Born and raised in Colombia, where (besides awesome coffee and beautiful women) the best Spanish in the world is spoken
  • I have an extra layer of patience and love mistakes, so don’t be scared to mess up
  • I have a sweet tooth for very dark chocolate (90%? Give me!!)
  • I was born to travel the world
  • In my free time I watch Dragon Ball
  • I love Boston and its hockey team. Go Bruins!
  • I am a postcards hoarder. I have 300+ postcards on my walls and will probably ask you for one if you go on a trip 🙂