The verb GUSTAR

verbo gustar

We use the verb GUSTAR in Spanish to talk about things we like and dislike:

  • I like chocolate
  • She likes flowers
  • We like the beach
  • You like cooking
  • They don’t like cleaning

The verb GUSTAR is a special verb because it works in a different way. It has a different logic and a different conjugation than all the other verbs. But it is very easy to understand, and you will see sentences using it all the time, so it is very easy to remember.

The first thing to remember is that you can’t translate it from the English -I like…- because it would not make any sense. Think of it rather as: to me it’s pleasing…

  1. To use this verb, first we need to learn the Indirect Object pronouns(IO):

Yo = me
Tú = te
Usted = le
Él, ella = le
Nosotros = nos
Ustedes = les
Ellos, ellas = les

2. The verb GUSTAR is going to be conjugated to agree with the subject (the thing you like) and it can only be singular or plural

Gusta = For a singular subject: I like chocolate (chocolate is singular)
Gustan = For a plural subject: I like flowers (flowers is plural)

Tip:  After the preposition a, yo and becomes mi and ti. Not only in this case, but always in Spanish after a preposition (de, para, a):

a mi
a ti

This is the formula that you will always follow with this verb:

A + Pronoun + IO + the verb GUSTAR + subject (the thing that you like)

A + mi + me + gusta + el helado

(I like ice cream)

verbo gustar español
verbo gustar español

3. Following the formula above we have:

A + Pronoun + IO + the verb GUSTAR + subject

A + mi + me + gusta + el helado

  • A mi me gusta el chocolate –(singular) I like chocolate
  • A mi me gustan las flores — (plural) I like flowers
  • A ti te gusta el chocolate — (You like chocolate)
  • A ti te gustan las flores — (You like flowers)
  • A usted le gusta el verano — (You like summer)
  • A él le gusta el helado — (He likes ice cream)
  • A ella le gustan los animales — (She likes animals)
  • A nosotros nos gustan los deportes — (We like sports)
  • A ustedes les gusta el fútbol — (You guys like soccer)
  • A ellos les gustan los autos — (They like cars)
  • A ellas les gustan los libros — (They like books)

4. When we want to talk about actions, things that we like doing, the subject becomes a verb in the infinitive form and the verb GUSTAR is always singular:

A + Pronoun + IO + the verb GUSTAR + verb in infinitive

A + mi + me + gusta + caminar

  • A mi me gusta bailar — (I like dancing)
  • A ti te gusta cantar — (You like singing)
  • A usted le gusta cocinar — (You like cooking)
  • A ella le gusta leer — (She likes reading)
  • A él le gusta ver TV — (He likes watching TV)
  • A nosotros nos gusta viajar — (We like traveling)
  • A ellos les gusta limpiar — (They like cleaning)
  • A ellas les gusta dibujar — (They like drawing)


To talk about things that you don’t like, you only need to put a no in front of the verb:

  • a mi no me gusta cocinar — (I don’t like cooking)
  • a ella no le gustan las verduras — (she doesn’t like veggies)
  • a nosotros no nos gusta perder — (We don’t like losing)
  • a ellas no les gusta pelear — (They don’t like fighting)

To talk about people that you like and dislike, check this article

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1. A mi madre no …… los perros.
2. Al niño ….. jugar en la playa.
3. A nosotros …. el verano.
4. A los bebés ….. los colores brillantes.
5. A mí …… bailar con mis amigos.
6. A Lucas y a mí …… la montaña.
7. A ti …. las peliculas de acción.
8. A los perros …..saltar.
9. A ellos ….. el parque.
10. ¿A ti …… las rosas?

Answers: le gustan, le gusta, nos gusta, les gustan, me gusta, nos gusta, te gustan, les gusta, les gusta, te gustan

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