reflexive verbs in spanish


These verbs are very common in Spanish. They reflect an action where the subject and the object are the same, I mean, things that one does to oneself. For example: when I brush my teeth or my hair, when I shower, when I dress up, when I put my make up on, when I wake up, when I go to bed etc. These are all actions that I do to myself.

verbo gustar

The verb GUSTAR

We use the verb GUSTAR in Spanish to talk about things we like and dislike. The verb GUSTAR is a special verb because it works in a different way. It has a different logic and a different conjugation than all the other verbs. But it is very easy to understand, and you will see sentences using it all the time, so it is very easy to remember.

Spanish present tense

The Present Tense in Spanish

We use the present tense to describe things that happen now, and for things that happen all the time. In Spanish, we have 3 groups of verbs: Verbs that end in –AR, -ER, -IR, and each group has its own conjugations. You just need to drop the ending of the verb in the infinitive form, and use the root of the verb to create the conjugations: the root of the verb + corresponding ending

verb ser estar

All about the verbs SER – ESTAR in Spanish

Learning the uses of Ser and Estar (to be) can seem difficult at the beginning because they are just one verb in most languages. But if you dedicate a little bit of extra time to these 2 verbs and learn the uses, conjugations, and differences between those 2, you will be fine. Plus, you will see them EVERYWHERE in Spanish, so even if you can’t nail them from the beginning, you will just get used to their uses, by seeing them all the time.

Quick and unusual Tips to learn Spanish

Besides common advice like listening to music, watching movies and using flash cards in your target language (which are all very good!), here are some tips that are a bit more unsual but very effective. These are things that I did when I was teaching myself English, and I am also doing them now that I am teaching myself French. Once you start being more in contact with the language, you are going to love the way it sounds and the kind of things you will be able to say.

The Holidays in Spanish


It’s that time of the year and I personally love Christmas! I love to put up the tree, to add the ornaments, to have a lot of lights in the windows. I love how beautiful the city gets decorated, and I love to have an excuse to celebrate with my family and friends.

Spanish Grammar Cheat Sheet


This is a guide that summarizes all the Spanish tenses that you will want to learn, in order to speak Spanish. I know a lot of students hate grammar, but it doesn’t need to be that difficult. With some organization, dedication and attention, you will get the handle of it. This guide is for people who want to really learn the language, not just get by during a short trip.

How to embarrass yourself in Spanish


We all make mistakes when we are learning a new language, that’s a given. Some of them are just regular mistakes, and some of them are hilarious. I have been teaching Spanish for 4 years already, and I have seen these over and over again. And even though making mistakes is completely ok, sometimes it would be nice if someone tells us in advance about these embarrassing and funny mistakes and saves us from some embarrassing situations.